A repo to contains data structure s and algorithms, regardless of language.
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A repository containing data structures and algorithms, regardless of language.

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Contributing to this repo

Implementing new File/Directory Structure

  • Try to keep things as modular as possible, the new file/directory structure should be:
ex: /data_structures/char_stack/cpp/cstack.cpp
ex: /algorithms/bubble_sort/cpp/bubble_sort.cpp

How To:

  1. Fork Repo on Web Page
  2. git clone https://github.com/{your-username}/Hacktoberfest-Data-Structure-and-Algorithms
  3. Code your files in the proper directory based on the instructions above
  4. add all your files git add your/directory/path/to/file/ (see new directory structure above)
  5. commit your file changes git commit -m "Whatever you did here, e.g. created linkedlist class in C++"
  6. push your changes git push
  7. Create a Pull Request to master on Web Page

Alternate via Web

  1. Fork Repo on Web Page
  2. Make your changes on your forked repo
  3. Make Pull Request to master


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