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Baasic AngularJS Profile Starter Kit

Starter Kit Functionality

This Starter Kit provides a bare-bones profile list. Initially, it shows a list of profiles, with search and pagination. To keep things simple, it allows you to see all available profiles. When using full profile theme you can see more details about education, skills and work experience when you click on profile card. We deliberately removed advanced features so the basic functionality is not obscured by them: however, future samples will include a complete profile management functionality.

This Kit is based on the Baasic profile data type. Profiles provide a standard way to gather informations about users for the purpose of browsing, searching and connecting with people on your website, social network or application.

Profile showcase

Profile Showcase

Working with the Starter kit

As a client-side prerequisite, you should install the basic tools for your operating system: Node.js (4.x and above), Bower and Gulp. Start by cloning the AngularJS Profile Starter Kit repository. After that, go into the root folder of the started Kit you just cloned and type

npm install

npm (Node Package Manager) will go through its configuration file (package.json) and install all dependencies. It may take a couple of minutes to download and install everything; when it is finished, just type

gulp serve

this will serve you the default theme, to serve a different theme please use the --theme switch

gulp serve --theme default

and you are almost ready to go.

In its default state, this Kit points to the main demo site and pulls its content from it. As it would not be a nice thing to have thousands of users editing it, you will need to point your Kit to your own application. It is easy - just go to the root folder and find app.conf.json and enter your Baasic application unique identifier (API Key) here:

    "apiRootUrl": "",
    "apiVersion": "beta",
    "apiKey": "your-unique-identifier"

As your application may be empty and there is no profiles in it, and the demo page will be blank after this switch. However, you can now log in and start entering your own content.

Production ready build

To make the app ready for deploy to production run:

gulp dist


gulp dist --theme default

Base url option

You can also add a --baseUrl command if your blog destination is not in root of your website

For example: --baseUrl "/angularjs/starterkit-profile-showcase/"

Now there's a ./dist folder with all scripts and stylesheets concatenated and minified, also third party libraries installed with bower will be concatenated and minified into vendors.min.js and vendors.min.css respectively.

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