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Just another social plugin for Joomla! to display a variety of social networking buttons

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Yet Another Social Plugin

Yet Another Social Plugin is a simple plugin for Joomla! that allows users to display social networking buttons on their website. Currently, the Google +1, Facebook Like, Twitter Share, and LinkedIn Share buttons are supported.


Yet Another Social Plugin is currently compatible with Joomla! 2.5 only. Older versions of Yet Another Social Plugin compatible with older versions of Joomla! (the first supported version was Joomla! 1.7) are available from the downloads section of this repository.


Yet Another Social Plugin has no external requirements to operate; all necessary code is installed with the package.


Installation Package

  • Installation packages for Yet Another Social Plugin are available from the downloads section of this repository.
  • If you have made a checkout of the repository, you can build installation packages using Phing by running 'phing dev_head' from your interface.

Stable Master Policy

The master branch will at all times remain stable. Development for new features will occur in branches and when ready, will be pulled into the master branch.

In the event features have already been merged for the next release series and an issue arises that warrants a fix on the current release series, the developer will create a branch based off the tag created from the previous release, make the necessary changes, package a new release, and tag the new release. If necessary, the commits made in the temporary branch will be merged into master.

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