Sorg Uten Tårer's official website. A ModelViewController Framework using Mysql, Php and Bootstrap. Minimal jQuery used.
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This MVC site utilizes php and mysql in the back end, and bootstrap's responsive framework in the front.

In order to set it up on your web host, make sure that you have at least php 5.5 enabled, and add the following tables to your mysql database using a took such as phpMyAdmin.

start all id's from 1.

table : sorgutentarer_contact_form fields: id (int, primary, auto increment) , name (text), email(text), datetime(datetime)

table: albums fields: id (int, primary, autoincrement), album_name(text), album_year(text), download_url(text), download_size (text), album_cover_image_url (text), album_description (text), album_youtube_link (text)

table: album_abbreviation (change this for album abbvr. Sorg Uten Tårer sends album name initials as GET method, but you are free to use whatever) fields: id(int, primary, autoincrement), name(text), lyrics(text)

This last one is obviously populated with rows of track names and lyrics and track numbers (since id starts at 1) A new table for each track name, as Mysql doesn't like arrays of long strings as fields.

Populate your OWN mysql info in the functions.php

$host = "localhost"; //if the db is on the same server.., otherwise change $admin = ""; //your admin name for the database, your host provides this $pass = ""; //your admin pass, your host provides this $dbname = ""; //database name, you pick this when setting up a mysql datase

Finally, edit the contact form code with your OWN email address and "sender address" data You don't want your contact form to be sending me emails , from my do_not_reply address :) Don't forget to add some images and download links in the resources folder.

Have fun.