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Babili is a real-time chat backend built with Ruby, Rails, Node, and Docker.

This project use the CREPESourcing framework ( to generate and consume events in real-time.

About this repository

This root repository is meant to be root folder when you want to run babili on your development machine. It should not be used in prodution.

Description of the folder architecture:

  • docker-compose.yml contains the configuration to launch all the required containers.
  • environments contains the envirnoment variables and their development values of all the services.
  • engine is the main service handling the API and the core business logic.
  • clockwork is a service meant to trigger actions on the engine at specific moments of the day.
  • pusher is a Node Websocket server. It is meant to push new messages in real time to users.

How to run this project:

  • Clone all repositories on your computer:

    • git clone
    • cd babili
    • git clone
    • git clone
    • git clone
  • Setup databases:

    $ ./scripts/
  • Launch all containers:

    $ docker-compose up -d
  • Check that the API is running by opening localhost:6280 in your browser


Babili is the product of the Collaboration of the Spin42 team ( and the Commuty one (