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An editor for Westwood Studios’ MIX files, the data containers used in their classic Command & Conquer games from “Tiberian Dawn” to “Renegade”.

Many thanks to Olaf van der Spek for his documentation of the MIX file format and the XCC Utilities.

WARNING: This is alpha software. Most functions won’t work as expected and it may destroy the files you open with it! Use at your own risk and always have a backup at hand.

Features planned for the final version:

  • Reading from and writing to all MIX files compatible with TD, RA, TS, RA2 and RG
  • Creation of new files in all of these formats
  • In-place editing of all files contained in a MIX file
  • Live conversion between all supported formats
  • Recursive editing of MIX files contained in other ones
  • Integrated online names database to avoid stumbling upon unknown filenames ever again
  • Re-usable abstraction module to work with MIX files from any Python 3 application
    (Will be distributed under the MIT license)
  • Optimized, fast and beautiful code
  • Binary packages for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Integrated text editor

Features NOT to expect:

  • Integrated viewers for Westwood file formats often found inside MIX files
  • BIG file support