App to record Back2bikes workshop volunteer attendances
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Attendance-app - moved to repo, subdirectory meteor-app

A parallel project appears at - built using create-react-app/webpack. Ideally we will maintain both projects so that we can compare the relative merits of the Meteor based technology and create-react-app.

Workshop attendance app for back2bikes volunteers.

This app's intention is to address this Problem Statement

User Interface

The UI has been roughed out and the pics below are intended as a guide only.

main app Good work Joe!

modal confirmation I'm not sure if we have any fat cat volunteers

Check-in Confirmation assumptions

  • Attendance is based on an honour system. No one really needs to sign in or out so ...
  • Attendance is more of a check in process
  • Attendees usually have a rough idea how long they're going to be in the work shop for, so when they check in they just need to indicate that up front - which obviates the need to "sign out". If they skip off home after half an hour, no biggie.

For some reason github displays this horizontally not vertically ...

the picture It's because the orientation of the image is stored in the meta data, and github is respecting that :)

React Epiphany

Plan to re-implement initial start using this overlay as the basis for react componentry: the picture

modal confirmation