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The jQuery Mockjax Plugin provides a simple and extremely flexible interface for mocking or simulating ajax requests and responses
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jQuery Mockjax: Ajax request mocking

Current Version: 1.4.0, Last updated: 2011-02-04 Supports jQuery 1.3.2 through 1.5.0

jQuery Mockjax provides request/response mocking for ajax requests with jQuery and provides all standard behaviors in the request/response flow.


Support and Testing

The current version of Mockjax has been tested with jQuery 1.3.2 through 1.5.0 with QUnit unit tests residing in the /test.

You may report any issues

Information about what version or versions of jQuery this plugin has been tested with, what browsers it has been tested in, and where the unit tests reside (so you can test it yourself).

jQuery Version Support

Mockjax Version : jQuery Versions 1.4.0 : 1.5.0, 1.4.4, 1.4.3, 1.4.2, 1.3.2 1.3.2 : 1.4

Browsers Tested

Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 3-3.6, Safari 3-4, Chrome 3-5, Opera 9.6-10.5.

Release History Supports jQuery 1.3.2 through 1.5.0


Copyright (c) 2010 appendTo LLC. Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL licenses.

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