Backendless SDK is now available for Apple TV (tvOS) apps. Using Backendless tvOS apps can leverage the power of the Backendless real-time database, user management, real-time messaging, cloud file storage, geolocation and Cloud Code to build amazing, engaging and immersive apps running on Apple TV.
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About this project

This project is a sample tvOS application demonstrating the usage of the Backendless Real-Time Database feature. You can see a demo of this app in the following video.

Backendless SDK for tvOS

Follow the instructions below to clone the repo and run the app on your device:

How to Run the Project

  1. Open a Terminal window and run the following command
    git clone'
  2. Change the current directory to the directory of the repo by running the following command:
    cd AppleTvDemo
  3. Install cocoapods which includes Backendless SDK and its dependendencies:
    pod install
    It is recommended to run the following command too to make sure you have the latest version of the pod:
    pod update
  4. Once all of the pods are downloaded / updated, an Xcode project workspace file is created. This is the file you use to work with your app.
  5. Open the AppleTvDemo.xcworkspace file with Xcode
  6. Open the ViewController.swift file and change the APP_ID and API_KEY values to include yours from the Backendless Console Manage tab.