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GGL - the Graph Grammar Library

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The GGL (Graph Grammar Library) is an object oriented ANSI C++ library to implement and apply graph rewrite systems. It implements a Double Push Out (DPO) approach. The library is highly modular and uses state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures. To this end, it uses the Boost Graph Library (BGL) for the internal graph representation and efficient (sub)graph isomorphism approaches as the VF2 algorithm.

Beside its general applicability, it features an extensive chemistry module to handle grammar-based graph transformation in Chemistry. Since a chemical reaction can be viewed as graph transformation from the set of educt graphs to the set of product graphs, the GGL can be used to iteratively expand the topology of chemical reaction network, starting from a set of chemical reactions (graph rewrite rules) and set of molecules (vertex and edge labeled graphs) using the general DPO framework of the GGL.

Furthermore, the GGL chemistry module sports efficient cheminformatics algorithms, for instance to estimate reaction rates or a molecule's energy or aromaticity. Furthermore, it comes with a port to the well established Open Babel Library.

The GGL can processes molecules in SMILES or GML format. Graph rewrite rules are usually formulated in GML.



Download and installation


Release package source code distribution (ggl-VERSION.tar.gz)

The provided source code distributions of the GGL (file names ggl-VERSION.tar.gz) are autotools generated packages ready for the standard compilation-installation procedure:

tar -xzf ggl-VERSION.tar.gz
cd ggl-VERSION
./configure  # call with '--help' for configure options
make install # call with 'prefix=INSTALLPREFIX' for local installation

Clone or Source from github

The source files hosted on github (and available as from the release pages) have to be preprocessed with autotools to enable the standard compilation-installation pipeline:

source ./  # calls autotools, see content for details
./configure  # call with '--help' for configure options
make install # call with 'prefix=INSTALLPREFIX' for local installation

Library descriptions

The package comes with separate libraries described in the following. Furthermore, generic binaries are compiled that directly enable graph rewrite applications.

Library API and tutorial/manual generation is part of the source code package as well (linked versions might be not recent).

SGM - Sub Graph Matching

A library to solve the subgraph-isomorphism problem based on different approaches.


  • Graph_Interface : an abstract graph interface used by the matching algorithms
  • SubGraphMatching : an abstract interface of sub graph matching algorithms
  • Match_Reporter : an abstract interface to handle a found match


  • Graph_boost : a Graph_Interface implementation wrapping around a boost graph
  • Graph_boostV : a Graph_Interface implementation wrapping around a set of boost graphs to be represented as one graph with independent components
  • SGM_vf2 : a VF2-lib based SubGraphMatching implementation
  • MR_stream : a Match_Reporter that writes each reported match to stream

GGL - Graph Grammar Library

A library to formulate and solve context sensitive graph grammars.


  • Graph : a labeled undirected boost graph used for grammar targets
  • Rule : a graph grammar rule encoding based on an undirected labeled BGL graph
  • MR_ApplyRule : an sgm::Match_Reporter implementation that applies a rule onto a matched subgraph that was identified by a sgm::SubGraphMatching object
  • Graph_Storage : an abstract interface that is used by MR_ApplyRule to report the newly generated graphs that are the result of a grammar rule application


  • GraphTarget : an sgm::Graph_Interface wrapper around a Graph for SGM usage
  • LeftSidePattern : an sgm::Graph_Interface wrapper around a Rule for SGM usage
  • GS_stream : a Graph_Storage implemenation that writes all reported graphs to stream
  • Rule_GML_grammar : a parser grammar definition for GML encoded rule parsing

GGL-CHEM - GGL Chemistry

A library to formulate chemical reactions on molecule graphs using graph grammar rules.


  • Molecule : a labeled undirected boost graph used for molecule graph representation
  • SMILES_grammar : a parser grammar defintion for Daylight's SMILES molecule string representation parsing
  • SMILESwriter : a writer to encode molecule graphs in canonical SMILES strings. Note: the write is incomplete, i.e. only handles a few types of atoms
  • GS_SMILES : a ggl::Graph_Storage implementation that rewrites each generated Molecule into a SMILES string and adds it into an STL container