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Official Spike Recorder app for IOS
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It's like having a complete neuroscience rig in your pocket! This app allows you to view brain signals just like neuroscientsits do. With the SpikerBox (available open-source from you can listen to living neurons from insects, and muscles from humans. With this app, you can also view what the spikes of neurons look like and record it to your iOS device for later analysis. What used to take up a whole room you now have in your hand, and for cheap. Think of it!

Note: The application normally picks up input through your iOS's built-in microphone. If you want to plug directly into your SpikerBox, or any audio device, you need a custom male-to-male headphone cable (a normal one won't work), available from our website. It has to do with routing an output channel to an input channel. We also have instructions if you want to build one yourself.

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