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QR Code Generator for PHP
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QR Code generator

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BaconQrCode is a port of QR code portion of the ZXing library. It currently only features the encoder part, but could later receive the decoder part as well.

As the Reed Solomon codec implementation of the ZXing library performs quite slow in PHP, it was exchanged with the implementation by Phil Karn.

Example usage

use BaconQrCode\Renderer\ImageRenderer;
use BaconQrCode\Renderer\Image\ImagickImageBackEnd;
use BaconQrCode\Renderer\RendererStyle\RendererStyle;
use BaconQrCode\Writer;

$renderer = new ImageRenderer(
    new RendererStyle(400),
    new ImagickImageBackEnd()
$writer = new Writer($renderer);
$writer->writeFile('Hello World!', 'qrcode.png');

Available image renderer back ends

BaconQrCode comes with multiple back ends for rendering images. Currently included are the following:

  • ImagickImageBackEnd: renders raster images using the Imagick library
  • SvgImageBackEnd: renders SVG files using XMLWriter
  • EpsImageBackEnd: renders EPS files
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