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2D Game Engine for QML

Bacon2D is a framework to ease 2D game development, providing ready-to-use QML 
components useful for creating compeling games.

API documentation can be found at

1. Build

1.1) Dependencies

* Qt5
  	Qt5 source repository:

1.2) Building

Available QMake parameters:

* QTPATH (Optional)
	Prefix where Qt has been installed. It is required to install
	Bacon2D's QML import plugin and related files.
	The default path is /usr/lib/qt5

If building from a git checkout, you will need to initialize the git submodules:

$ git submodule update --init

Sample build from Bacon2D's root source tree:

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ qmake QTPATH=/opt/Qt5 ..
$ make
$ sudo make install

*MacOS note*:

If you get some error like 'could not resolve SDK path for...', add 
'QMAKE_MAC_SDK=MAC_SDK_VERSION'to the qmake command, like this (issue #80):

$ qmake QMAKE_MAC_SDK=macosx10.9 ..

Where MAC_SDK_VERSION points to the OSX version you're using (in the above 
example it is 10.9.x).

2. Examples

If you have installed the QML plugin to the proper Qt import directory,
you can run the examples directly from their specific source directories.

Each example can be opened and run from QtCreator, to open the fixtures 
example, open examples/fixtures/fixtures.qmlproject from QtCreator

To run the fixtures example without QtCreator:

$ cd examples/fixtures
$ qmlscene main.qml

If Bacon2D QML plugin was not installed you can export QML2_IMPORT_PATH 
environment variable or specify the path to your built plugin on 
the command line.

$ cd examples/fixtures
$ qmlscene -I ../../build/src/imports main.qml

3. Get Involved


Bacon2D is a framework to ease 2D game development, providing ready-to-use QML elements representing basic game entities needed by most of games.




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