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Javascript Classloader

Dynamically load Javascript to current Page.


Create the ClassLoader:

window.classLoader = new Bratler_Component_ClassLoader();

Add a Prefix:

classLoader.addPrefix('Vendor_namespace_foo', '');

Create an Instance of Vendor_namespace_foo_bar_baz()

var theBaz = classLoader.create('Vendor_namespace_foo_bar_baz', someArg, someOtherArg);

This will try to include the contetns of file ''

You can also use new as usual, just load the Class before:

var theBaz = new Vendor_namespace_foo_bar_baz(someArg, someOtherArg);

Create or get a singleton instance:

var theBaz = classLoader.createSingleton('Vendor_namespace_foo_bar_baz', someArg, someOtherArg);

Use a minified Javascript Version:

classLoader.addSuffix('Vendor_namespace_foo', '.minified.js');

Now the ClassLoader tries to get the contents from '...baz.minified.js' instead of '...baz.js'