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A Visual Studio Project for SpaceEngineers Ingame Programming

  • IntelliSense support
  • blank Template for in-game Scripts

Project setup

  1. Download/Clone this Repository
  2. Open the Solution in Visual Studio
  3. (Chnage path to Gamelibraries if SpaceEngineers is not installed in the default location): Navigate Project->SpaceEngineersIngameScript Properties...->Reference Paths and update the path to the gamelibraries
  4. Navigate to File->Export
  5. Confirm saving changes
  6. Select Item Template and SpaceEngineersIngameScript
  7. On the next page Select only IngameScript.cs
  8. skip to the end of the wizzard and hit Finish
  9. Close Visual studio.

If everything went well you will have IntelliSense support and you can add an empty script using Project->new Item

Change the Template

To change the Template edit Template\IngameScript.cs to ypur needs and repeat steps 4 to 8 from Project setup. You may need to restart Visual Studio for the changes to take place.

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