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Android front-end for my Smite Team Generator Java application.
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Smite Team Generator (Android Front-end)

Starting with version 0.4.0, this will require STG-Lib.

Do you play Smite? Do you get bored playing the same god over and over again? Do you ever find it difficult to choose a new god to play? Do you want to have a lot more fun when playing in parties? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this is the app for you!

Smite Team Generator is written completely in Java for the Android platform. It is an application that generates a team of random gods, each with random item builds, for the Hi-Rez Studios MOBA, Smite. Currently, there are no plans for an iOS release of the app, but that may change in the future.


  • Generates a random team of 1 to 5 players
  • Generates a random build for each teammate
  • Choose how builds are generated through settings
  • Share individual players or the whole team to a messaging app of your choice
  • Reroll individual players or the whole team
  • More features coming soon

Google Play Testing Link:

Google Play Store Link:

Using the Source Files

Just import the build.gradle file from your downloaded source code into Android Studio, and you'll be good to go from there.

If you have any questions, or you would like to contribute to this project somehow, please do not hesitate to use the issue tracker or contact me on Discord: Baconator_NoVeg#8550.

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