A system to publicize friend-death as robustly as possible
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Overengineered Diplomacy

A few of us decided to play diplomacy over Slack... then we decided to build things to delay and publicize the friend-death.

Diplomacy is a game that breaks people. It involves betreyal and backstabbing over a long period of time. The premise is simple: the players are all world powers and they control armies. Each power wants to control as much territory as possible. All moves are deterministic, there is no randomness to the game. However, people can lie about what they plan to do.

Playing diplomacy is a bad idea in itself, but writing complex code to publicly render an otherwise private, simple game is a genuine waste of raw creative energy.

Directory Structure

This repository holds the hopes and dreams of a generation by using the best technologies that web 3.0 have to offer.

  • /scripts: These scripts populate the json files in the /data directory.

  • /data: This is where all the algorithmically compiled "dynamic" information that powers the game interface are kept.

  • /css, /js, and /img: These hold the supporting content behind the ultimate Diplomacy user experience.

  • /src: Source assets.

Compiling the Maps

Map data for a game should come from diplom.org and we have scripts to convert these files to json. The json files are then used by Overengineered Diplomacy for things like move rendering and transcript parsing.

Default Emoji

Army: 🔫 Fleet: ⛵️ England: 🇬🇧 France: 🇫🇷 Germany: 🇩🇪 Austria: 🇦🇹 Italy: 🇮🇹 Russia: 🇷🇺 Turkey: 🇹🇷