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The Emoji Compass

Quick start

Clone the repository, then run:

npm install
npm start

View this online at

What is this? tl:dr;

You ask the compass, "How am I going to die?" It answers, "🦉🍞."

Project Analogy: It's like an emoji Magic 8 ball for people who read the His Dark Materials trilogy

What is this? for people who like words

The Dark Materials trilogy is centered around a "Golden Compass". Its official name is alethiometer, or "truth measure". The device is like a compass, in that it's the size of a pocketwatch and has needles that spin toward answers. Its face shows 36 symbols, each of which can represent 12+ ideas, concepts, or literal meanings.

To use the compass, the user sets the three needles to three symbols that frame the question she is posing, and then the alethiometer spins the needles to three symbols to provide a cryptic answer. This answer is truth, but must be carefully interpreted.

The Bad Idea Factory has created a mobile app that replaces the 36 alethiometer symbols with emoji. The answers the app returns are appropriately shrouded in the symbology of the novels.

Built with


Apache License 2.0


Name: Matt Stempeck Twitter: @mstem Github ID: mstem Role: Instigator, alethiogeek, promoter

Name: Lou Huang Twitter: @saikofish Github ID: louh Role: Pretty much all of the hard work

Bad Idea Factory? wut.

Bad Idea Factory is a collective of chaotic creatives using technology to make people thinking face emoji. Depending on when you read this, we might have a website at the URL


like a magic 8-ball for people who read "His Dark Materials"




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