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The Badhouse Ventures Manifesto

The incubator-studio will have two main "customers": Startup founders and next-round investors. This manifesto outlines our intentions to provide value to both of these groups.

1. For startup founders

  • We will be getting our hands dirty alongside the startup founders. This may include:
    • technical work, such as technical architecture, sourcing compute power, doing website development, acting as alpha testers, etc.
    • client-facing work, such as assisting with technical support, making connections to get first clients, etc.
    • being a recruiter
    • contributing to administrative tasks
    • providing or sourcing legal support (including incorporation, if necessary)
    • making introductions and pitching to investors together with the founders
  • Typical accelerators and incubators keep founders busy all the time, but the wrong kind of busy. We will endeavour to make it so that startup founders can focus on building; technical building, but also building a user base and business development.
  • Progress will be measured by:
    • cycling through build-test-learn cycles
    • refining what product-market fit looks like and working towards it
    • getting more active users and getting paying customers
    • building relationships with potential next-round investors
  • We will be investing funds into the business in return for a fair amount of equity.

2. For next-round investors

  • We will facilitate your deal flow by introducing you to vetted, higher-quality startups that are ready for seed(+) investment because they will have:
    • a more mature product
    • a team with more experience under their belt
    • a lower risk profile (past an inflection point in profitability, more users, a first B2B or enterprise client, etc.)
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