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This bot plays the ts noise whenever you are muted on discord.

Bot auto assumes you arent muted by default, if you want to update properly ping bot then mute and unmute yourself or opposite


  1. !>ping = check if discord is running bot
  2. !>state = check current state that bot thinks you are


  1. You need node.js to use this and sox
  2. once you have nodejs installed go to where you extracted the files
  3. run install.bat first,
  4. once that has completed run run.bat NOTE: you shouldnt have to run install.bat ever again || if install.bat gives you a node-gyup error its fine, if its any other error report in issues and make sure you have node installed.

run npm i in a seperate console to copy error

sox troubleshooting instructions

-Add the Sox folder to your PATH and then restart your terminal.

  1. Go to My Computer → Properties → Advanced System Settings → Environment Variables → System variables.
  2. Select Path.
  3. Click Edit → New :
  4. Add this: C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-

As indicated in the example path, make sure to check what version of Sox you have installed by actually navigating to your Program Files (x86) folder and looking for a folder that starts with sox, for example sox-14-4-2. Restart your terminal. Note that if you're using an IDE, you may need to restart the IDE to have the Path variables update.

made this only because some bitch boi was bitching and complaining

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