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discord bot to check if a server is online
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server_online is a simple but useful discord bot meant to be paired with some sort of minecraft server to show if the server is online, the player count, etc.


Simply install nodejs and use the provided bat files.

arent on windows? refer to the commands below.

  1. Run this in terminal to install the packages needed.
npm i
  1. Once that has completed run this command to start the bot.
node online

settings.json setup

    1. "token":"",
    2. "server":"localhost",
    3. "thumbnail":"", (optional)
    4. "authorizedUsers":["userid1", "userid2"] (optional)
  1. Here you will set the bots token which can be found over at discord developer panel. fig.1a
  2. Here you will enter the minecraft servers ip.
  3. If you would like a custom thumbnail to show instead of the mojang logo fig.1b, enter a url to the image you would like here. fig.1c
  4. This is used for the >>leave command which will make the bot leave the guild. Only users on this list will be able to trigger the command. To get userids, refer to fig.1d


To get the servers status simply just @ the bot.

>>leave is used to force the bot to leave the guild where the command is ran. This is only available to the users in the authorizedUsers list set in settings.json.


1a where to get a bot token

1b mojang logo

1c custom example logo

1d get user id

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