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Spring Security OAuth

If you're already a student of Learn Spring Security, you can get started diving deeper into OAuth2 with Module 10, and then Modules 12, 13, and the upcoming module 17.

If you're not yet a student, you can get access to the course here: http://bit.ly/github-lss

Build the Project

mvn clean install


This project contains a number of modules, but here are the main ones you should focus on and run:

  • oauth-authorization-server - the Authorization Server (port = 8081)
  • oauth-resource-server-1 - the Resource Server (port = 8082)
  • oauth-resource-server-2 - the secondary Resource Server (port = 8088)

And, depending on what grant type you want to try out, you'll work with one of these UI/Clients:

  • angularjs/oauth-ui-implicit (port = 8083)
  • angularjs/oauth-ui-password (port = 8084)

Other Modules:

  • oauth-ui-implicit-angular4 - another version of the Implicit Grant UI Module - using Angular 4
  • oauth-ui-password-angular4 - another version of the Password Grant UI Module - using Angular 4

Finally, you can ignore all other modules.

Run the Modules

You can run any sub-module using command line:

mvn spring-boot:run

If you're using Spring STS, you can also import them and run them directly, via the Boot Dashboard

You can then access the UI application - for example the module using the Password Grant - like this: http://localhost:8084/

You can login using these credentials, username:john and password:123

Run the Angular 4 Modules

  • To run any of Angular4 front-end modules (spring-security-oauth-ui-implicit-angular4 and spring-security-oauth-ui-password-angular4) , we need to build the app first:
mvn clean install
  • Then we need to navigate to our Angular app directory:
cd src/main/resources

And run the command to download the dependencies:

npm install
  • Finally, we will start our app:
npm start
  • Note: Angular4 modules are commented out because these don't build on Jenkins as they need npm installed, but they build properly locally
  • Note for Angular version < 4.3.0: You should comment out the HttpClient and HttpClientModule import in app.module and app.service.ts. These version rely on the HttpModule.

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