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mdx_outline with optional "Jump to Top" links
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Fancier Outlines for Python-Markdown

This is a fork of mdx_outline that adds the option of inserting a "Jump to Top" link at the end of sections. See that project for general usage. This extension currently works with the default settings for mdx_outline, but it will probably break (for now) if you use non-default settings.


Run the following command:

$ pip install git+git://


To use this extension, place the following marker somewhere in the markdown:


which inserts the following at the end of <section class="section1"> elements:

<a class="jump-to-top" href="#">Jump to Top</a>

This can be anywhere in the text so long as it's somewhere inside of a paragraph. If you're using this with the Pelican plugin extract_toc, you should place it after [TOC].

You can change the section level the link appears at and the link text with the following syntax:

[JTT] {"level": 3, "link_text": "Help! There are too many words here!"}

Because everything is better with JSON!

This inserts the following at the end of <section class="section3"> elements:

<a class="jump-to-top" href="#">Help! There are too many words here!</a>

If you want to include multiple conflicting configurations in the same file, the setting will be based on the first instance in the markdown.

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