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JSON Schema validator
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Latest commit 303dea2 @tu1ly tu1ly Merge pull request #80 from Baggz/tu1ly/deprecated
year added to deprecation info
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docs (fix) Object.keys called on non object error in additionalProperties.
src Merge pull request #78 from Baggz/tu1ly/apiaryfixes
tests Handle keys with empty values as present, not missing
tools Minor improvements to the build system
.jshintignore Add a new file ‘.jshintignore’
.npmignore Updated the ‘.npmignore’ file
.travis.yml node 0.9 removed vtom travis tests
Hintfile Add a new file ‘Hintfile’
LICENSE Add the ‘LICENSE’ file
Makefile added component tests year added to deprecation info
component.json Release 0.4.8
package.json version to 0.5.0


16.6.2014 - This repository is deprecated. Please use apiaryio/Amanda.

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