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// This option prohibits the use of bitwise operators such as ^ (XOR), | (OR) and others. Bitwise operators
// are very rare in JavaScript programs and very often & is simply a mistyped &&.
"bitwise": true,
// This option allows you to force all variable names to use either camelCase
// style or UPPER_CASE with underscores.
"camelcase": false,
// This option requires you to always put curly braces around blocks in loops and conditionals. JavaScript
// allows you to omit curly braces when the block consists of only one statement.
"curly": true,
// This options prohibits the use of == and != in favor of === and !==. The former try to coerce values
// before comparing them which can lead to some unexpected results. The latter don't do any
// coercion so they are generally safer.
"eqeqeq": true,
// (...)
"strict": false,
//"indent": 2,
"browser": false,
"couch": false,
"devel": true,
"dojo": false,
"jquery": false,
"mootools": false,
"node": true,
"prototypejs": false,
"rhino": false,
"worker": false,
"wsh": false,
"yui": false
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