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Optionally call `validation` sync (without callback) #51

grimen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I've reviewed some JSON Schema validation libraries and found this one solid, but the async-only validation bugs me a lot. I've noticed that most other similar libraries support synchronous calls, and I tried to figure out how much work it would require to make Amanda optionally sync as well but got a bit stuck in the search. How hard would it be to allow sync calls at this stage? Async mostly makes sense for bigger amounts of data, but for most a sync call would make more sense.


+1 would be great


you can get a workaround by passing in function(err) { return err; } as your callback. Every function in amanda does return callback();, so it bubbles all the way back up.


@ProCynic Thanks, will try that out.


Never managed to get this to work actually, not sure why - runs async anyway for me.

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