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# ./library/CMakeLists.txt -- More Modern CMake
# Requires CMake 3.12, but also works with 3.13 policies set.
cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 3.12...3.13 )
project( MathLibs
DESCRIPTION "The internal math-libraries." )
# An OBJECT-library, used to only compile common sources once
# which are used in both math-libraries.
add_library( basicmath_ObjLib OBJECT )
target_sources( basicmath_ObjLib
PRIVATE "src/BasicMath.cpp"
"src/HeavyMath.cpp" # Takes loooooong to compile!
# Required include search-paths and constexpr support.
target_include_directories( basicmath_ObjLib
target_compile_features( basicmath_ObjLib
PUBLIC cxx_constexpr )
# Requires "Boost.Outcome" (which has some requirements, too).
target_link_libraries( basicmath_ObjLib PUBLIC Boost::outcome )
# A shared library for basic-math functionality.
add_library( basicmath SHARED )
target_link_libraries( basicmath PUBLIC basicmath_ObjLib )
# A shared library for advanced-math functionality.
add_library( extmath SHARED )
target_sources( extmath
PRIVATE "src/ExtendedMath.cpp" ) # Premium-content!
target_link_libraries( extmath PUBLIC basicmath_ObjLib )
# "Boost.Graph" is an additional dependency.
target_link_libraries( extmath PRIVATE Boost::graph )
# Create ALIAS targets.
add_library( MyCalc::basicmath ALIAS basicmath )
add_library( MyCalc::extmath ALIAS extmath )