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What is Danmokou?

Welcome to the website for Danmokou (DMK), a free and open source 2D bullet hell engine built in Unity. See the interactive demo!

DMK allows you to efficiently create games that look something like this:


(Screenshot from Spirits in Memetic Paradise)


(Screenshot from Fantastic Poetry Festival)


(Screenshot from Oops! All BoWaP)

Of the bullet hell engines you might find, Danmokou is one of the fastest, supporting over 100,000 projectiles at 4k 120 FPS. Other engines will give you somewhere between 5,000 and 30,000 bullets at a lower resolution and framerate. It is also one of the most efficient for development with features such as instantaneous script recompilation.

The entirety of DMK is written in C#, so you can change it freely. The scripting language is a thin wrapper around native C# that makes writing code even more efficient.

Here is a (not entirely complete) feature list for DMK:

  • 100,000+ bullets at native 4k, 120 FPS
  • Built-in architecture for stage-based games
  • Built-in architecture for photo games like Shoot the Bullet
  • Built-in architecture for challenge-based scene games
  • Efficient compiled scripting language with the same interfaces as C#
  • Instantaneous runtime script recompilation
  • Support for practice modes, replays, spell history, high scores, statistics, and achievements
  • Built-in dialogue engine with Suzunoya
  • Curved lasers, curvy lasers, and wavy lasers (yes, they're all different)
  • Arbitrary functions for bullet movement (No other engine supports this!)
  • Optimized rendering pathway batching 500+ bullets at a time
  • Engine handling for complex cancellation pathways
  • Zero-allocation bullets-- no lag and no garbage collector spikes!

If you're interested in the design of DMK and how it compares to other engines, you can read the design philosophy introduction.

If you want to try playing around with DMK, you can follow the instructions in the setup doc to get started.