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Fork of OpenELIS for managing Lab workflows (Tests, Results, Samples, etc).
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data_migration Mihir | Added procedures to add providers and sample sources Jan 25, 2015
db_backup Mujir, Shruthi | 1236 | happy path for patient upload done. Aug 26, 2013
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NOTICE updated LICENSE file, added NOTICE file Aug 27, 2018 Suman | BAH-414 | Display new field section names on dashboard (#10) May 16, 2018 Moving parameters to properties file. Adding hostname to sql connections Jul 1, 2013
build.xml Suman | #000 | Fix build is failing for fresh machine Feb 5, 2018
reference_build.xml Shruthi | #1052 | Adding ant task to setup the db. creates the db and… Jun 14, 2013


Build Status

forked from OpenElis_v3.1_r2013_02_21 branch in svn

To build OpenElis run

  • ant dist Creates OpenELIS War
  • ant setupDB test test-only dist Creates clinlims database in postgres, runs tests, and then creates OpenELIS War
  • ./scripts/ Create OpenELIS War and deploys it to your vagrant's tomcat
  • ./scripts/ Runs Liquibase migration script in your vagrant

Transifex Configuration

Transifex is a web based translation platform where one can do the translations and can be pulled into the codebase. Link to setup the Transifex Client

  • tx pull -a downloads the property files

For more information please refer this link

Technical issues with the codebase

  • Transaction and Hibernate session management
  • Pagination handled via HttpSession
  • Code duplication in various places (need examples here)
    • ResultValidationPaging, ResultsPaging and AnalyzerResultsPaging. Same copy-pasted code with very minor difference.

Functional changes made by us

  • The order should contain the panel along with the tests. Hence making panel more than convenience tool for selecting multiple tests.

  • AtomFeed based integration with OpenMRS and OpenERP

  • REST endpoint for Patient, LabResults

  • Added functionality to validate test results by a particular accession number. Also you can see items to be validated across all test sections.

Technical improvements

  • Added ant buld
  • Shortcircuited all calls to Session.clear
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