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A RESTful API written in Go (golang), using MongoDB. This was the first version for but seems it is now obselete from the service, I decided to open-source it.
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Discord Statistics Bot RESTful API


Beautiful statistics. Built with Go.

The story behind going open source | Other open-source projects by us

Table of Contents


PRs Welcome Discord

This is the old code from the original Hue bot API that I decided to make open-source for everyone to edit and improve. The main function is to view server and user information within your server over a RESTful API. On 1st July 2019, this code will become 'live' is the aspect that it will be built after each new commit and placed under a single point of entry, yet to be disclosed. This will be made available to all.


A few of the things you can do with Hue:

  • Connect to the Discord API
  • See the ammount of messages sent from a user
  • See the ammount of links sent by a user
  • See the ammount of members joining your server
  • More coming soon...


Feel free to send us feedback on Twitter or file an issue. Feature requests are always welcome. If you wish to contribute, please take a quick look at the guidelines!

If there's anything you'd like to chat about, please feel free to join our Discord Server!

Build Process

  • Follow the Golang install guide for getting started building a project with native code.
  • Clone or download the repo
  • go get to install dependencies
  • go run main.go to start the bot without building
  • go build main.go to build the bot into a native build file
  • ./<built file> to run the bot using the native build file

Development Keys: The token in config/ are for development purposes and do not represent the actual application keys.


Thanks to JetBrains for supporting me with an educational licence.

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