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A Go library for the UnbelievaBoat Discord bot API.
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UnbelievaBoat API Wraper


A Go library for the UnbelievaBoat Discord bot API.

Website | Discord

Table of Contents


PRs Welcome Discord

In writing


A few of the things you can do with unb-api-go:

  • Connect to the UnbelievaBoat API
  • See user balance
  • See guild leaderboard
  • Set custom http.Client
  • More in development...


Feel free to send me feedback on Twitter or file an issue. Feature requests are always welcome. If you wish to contribute, please take a quick look at the guidelines!

If there's anything you'd like to chat about, please feel free to join our Discord Server and mention me: @Bailey#0004!

Install Process

I'm guessing you already have an environment setup.

  • go get to install the wrapper (v1)
  • api := v1.New(token) to create a new instance, token is your token found here
  • api.GetBalance(guildID, userID) functions follow the api var we created above.


Thanks to Codenvy for supporting me with an awesome IDE while I don't have a computer.

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