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P2P Screenshare, an application originally designed for "cheating" pokerstars.
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An application originally designed for "cheating" pokerstars. The problem: several family members playing a single table together together, we want to know what we all have to better play the table and win. The solution: write a program that sends a portion of the screen to another computer. P2P screenshare uses simple TCP sockets in C# to send a portion of your screen to multiple end points, using a sender/receiver model. It is coded to allow for 4 "senders" but is theoretically salable to any requirement.

Packet structure is VERY simple with only 2 packet types implemented.

  • Image Packet:
  • packet[0-3] = int Data size
  • packet[4-?] = byte[] image data
  • Ping Packet:

This project also includes a queued console writer for debug purposes, which was almost a separate project altogether...

Receiver Screen Senders Screen Overall Screen

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