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Social Inquirer


Social Inquirer is a Social Q/A Network that uses Stack Exchange API for its engine. This application was developed for Stack Exchange API Competition.

Key Features

Once you log into the application you can follow users and topics and participate in quizzes and polls.

Its main features are:

  • Social Networking: The authorized user can follow other users and topics.
  • Messages/Endorsements: The user can ask other users to answer a particular question and can also endorse them for good answers.
  • Pages: The user can create pages of their favorite users and tags.
  • Quizzes: The user can create quizzes of their favorite questions and participate in quizzes created by others.
  • Polls: The user can create and participate in various polls.
  • Goals/Tasks: The user can create goals for answering questions.
  • Question Answering: The application can automatically search for answers to a question.
  • Translation: The questions can automatically be translated into another language.
  • Summarizing: It can automatically summarize the contents of questions.
  • Spelling and Grammar Checking: It can check question/answer content for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Content Analysis: The application can perform a content analysis of a question.
  • Classification: The application has some built-in classifiers that can be used to classify questions into categories.
  • Text To Speech: The application can turn questions into speech.
  • Code Evaluation: If a question contains code, the application can evaluate and display the output of the code.


This project is open source with Apache License, Version 2.0.