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Definitions and methods for ASCII characters.

This package is part of Swiftfire, the next generation personal web server in Swift.


Project page: Ascii

Reference: reference manual


SecureSockets is distributed as a SPM package or as a modular framework in Xcode.

As a SPM package

To use Ascii, add it as a dependency to your SPM project.

To create a clone of Ascii enter the following commands at the prompt:

$ git clone
$ cd Ascii
$ swift build

As a modular framework in a Xcode project

To create a clone of Ascii enter the following commands at the prompt:

$ git clone

Then open the Xcode project in the new Ascii directory.

In Xcode, build the framework.

In the project where Ascii should be used: Select the target, go to the General settings, in the section Embedded Binaries add the Ascii framework as created previously. If the target does not have a Embedded Binaries section, then add it to the Libraries and Frameworks.

Version history

Note: Planned releases are for information only, they are subject to change without notice.

1.3.0 (Open)

  • No new features planned. Features and bugfixes will be made on an ad-hoc basis as needed to support Swiftfire development.
  • For feature requests and bugfixes please contact

1.2.0 (Current)

  • Added Ascii set as extension to Characters.


  • Migrated to SPM 4


  • Initial release