A simple tablet-based drawing application
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The Napkin

This is a quick sketch program that is meant for use with a wacom tablet.

It is an experiment in Bug-Driven Development.  It's an experiment in reactive programming.


Bug00001 Done - The app wont start
Bug00002 Done - Moving the stylus over the napkin doesn't make a mark
Bug00003 Done - The Stylus doesn't vary with pressure
Bug00004 Done - The pressure lines arent' smooth
Bug00005 Done - Eraser also makes a mark
Bug00006 Done - Can't change color
Bug00007 - Performance hit after drawing for a long time
           Suspect it has to do with far to many WPF objects on the canvas
		   Is there a way to simplify?
Bug00008 - Can't Undo an errant stroke
           Can a create a stack of strokes...
Bug00009 - Can't erase a portion of any stroke
Bug00010 - Background should look like a napkin