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# encoding: ascii-8bit
# Copyright 2017 Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
# All Rights Reserved.
# This program is free software; you can modify and/or redistribute it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License
# as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 3 with
# attribution addendums as found in the LICENSE.txt
require 'cosmos/packets/binary_accessor'
require 'cosmos/interfaces/protocols/burst_protocol'
require 'cosmos/config/config_parser'
module Cosmos
# Protocol which delineates packets using a length field at a fixed
# location in each packet.
class LengthProtocol < BurstProtocol
# @param length_bit_offset [Integer] The bit offset of the length field
# @param length_bit_size [Integer] The size in bits of the length field
# @param length_value_offset [Integer] The offset to apply to the length
# value once it has been read from the packet. The value in the length
# field itself plus the length value offset MUST equal the total bytes
# including any discarded bytes.
# For example: if your length field really means "length - 1" this value should be 1.
# @param length_bytes_per_count [Integer] The number of bytes per each
# length field 'count'. This is used if the units of the length field is
# something other than bytes, for example words.
# @param length_endianness [String] The endianness of the length field.
# Must be either BIG_ENDIAN or LITTLE_ENDIAN.
# @param discard_leading_bytes (see BurstProtocol#initialize)
# @param sync_pattern (see BurstProtocol#initialize)
# @param max_length [Integer] The maximum allowed value of the length field
# @param fill_length_and_sync_pattern [Boolean] Fill the length field and sync
# pattern when writing packets
# @param allow_empty_data [true/false/nil] See Protocol#initialize
def initialize(
length_bit_offset = 0,
length_bit_size = 16,
length_value_offset = 0,
length_bytes_per_count = 1,
length_endianness = 'BIG_ENDIAN',
discard_leading_bytes = 0,
sync_pattern = nil,
max_length = nil,
fill_length_and_sync_pattern = false,
allow_empty_data = nil
super(discard_leading_bytes, sync_pattern, fill_length_and_sync_pattern, allow_empty_data)
# Save length field attributes
@length_bit_offset = Integer(length_bit_offset)
@length_bit_size = Integer(length_bit_size)
@length_value_offset = Integer(length_value_offset)
@length_bytes_per_count = Integer(length_bytes_per_count)
# Save endianness
if length_endianness.to_s.upcase == 'LITTLE_ENDIAN'
@length_endianness = :LITTLE_ENDIAN
@length_endianness = :BIG_ENDIAN
# Derive number of bytes required to contain entire length field
if @length_endianness == :BIG_ENDIAN or ((@length_bit_offset % 8) == 0)
length_bits_needed = @length_bit_offset + @length_bit_size
length_bits_needed += 8 if (length_bits_needed % 8) != 0
@length_bytes_needed = ((length_bits_needed - 1)/ 8) + 1
@length_bytes_needed = (length_bit_offset / 8) + 1
# Save max length setting
@max_length = ConfigParser.handle_nil(max_length)
@max_length = Integer(@max_length) if @max_length
# Called to perform modifications on a command packet before it is send
# @param packet [Packet] Original packet
# @return [Packet] Potentially modified packet
def write_packet(packet)
if @fill_fields
# If the start of the length field is past what we discard, then the
# length field is inside the packet
if @length_bit_offset >= (@discard_leading_bytes * 8)
length = calculate_length(packet.buffer.length + @discard_leading_bytes)
# Subtract off the discarded bytes since they haven't been added yet
# Adding bytes happens in the write_data method
offset = @length_bit_offset - (@discard_leading_bytes * 8)
# Directly write the packet buffer and fill in the length
BinaryAccessor.write(length, offset, @length_bit_size, :UINT,
packet.buffer(false), @length_endianness, :ERROR)
return super(packet) # Allow burst_protocol to set the sync if needed
# Called to perform modifications on write data before making it into a packet
# @param data [String] Raw packet data
# @return [String] Potentially modified packet data
def write_data(data)
data = super(data)
if @fill_fields
# If the start of the length field is before what we discard, then the
# length field is outside the packet
if @length_bit_offset < (@discard_leading_bytes * 8)
BinaryAccessor.write(calculate_length(data.length), @length_bit_offset, @length_bit_size, :UINT,
data, @length_endianness, :ERROR)
return data
def calculate_length(buffer_length)
length = (buffer_length / @length_bytes_per_count) - @length_value_offset
if @max_length && length > @max_length
raise "Calculated length #{length} larger than max_length #{@max_length}"
def reduce_to_single_packet
# Make sure we have at least enough data to reach the length field
return :STOP if @data.length < @length_bytes_needed
# Determine the packet's length
length =,
raise "Length value received larger than max_length: #{length} > #{@max_length}" if @max_length and length > @max_length
packet_length = (length * @length_bytes_per_count) + @length_value_offset
# Make sure we have enough data for the packet
return :STOP if @data.length < packet_length
# Reduce to packet data and setup current_data for next packet
packet_data = @data[0..(packet_length - 1)]
return packet_data