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FOSSA Documents


An Atmega Arduino powered pocketqube satellite focused on education and research, simplicity is a main focus. Anyone will be able to hear this satellite and communicate with it using cheap lora modules. The craft will transmit a LoRa, Morse and FSK signal which can be heard using simple and cheap hardware. It will be the first 1P satellite to have deployable solar cells and a LoRa transmitter. More specific info on each system can be read in each section.


Any ideas & contributions are deeply apreciatted.


This plans to be in space, where it cannot be maintained. For that reason, the number one software priority is software. To help with this, keep the following in mind:


This project uses OTBS style (K&R style but with braces whenever possible). This helps ensure code clarity and avoid mistakes that come from ambiguity.

Use The JPL Institutional Coding Standard

The JPL created a coding standard with IEEE and NASA that you can read here. This standard makes sure that any code being produced will be as robust as possible. Please don't be intimidated by it, just keep the Power of Ten in mind and we'll ask you to correct a merge request if necessary.


Please use KiCad or a file format that can be interpreted by KiCad. This makes sure that anyone can access and modify the hardware in this project without needing access to proprietary software. Easy EDA may also be used due to its online availability.


You can contact us via