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PHP wrapper for the BambooHR API
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A PHP wrapper for the BambooHR API

Quick Start

You will need two pieces of information to get started.

  1. The company subdomain of your BambooHR account. If you access bamboo at, this is "hamsterfarm"
  2. An API key. You can find instructions on obtaining an API key here

Once you have that, the following code will get a directory of employees (as long as your user is able to access the directory)

include "BambooHR/API/API.php";

use \BambooHR\API\BambooAPI;

$bhr = new API("<company_subdomain>");
$response = $bhr->getDirectory();
if($response->isError()) {
   trigger_error("Error communicating with BambooHR: " . $response->getErrorMessage());
$simplexml = $response->getContent();

After that, you may want to explore the employee api, or just look through the wrapper code.


To get JSON output, change the following line :

$bhr = new API("<company_subdomain>");

to this:

$bhr = new API("<company_subdomain>", new BambooJSONHTTP());
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