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CMSettings is a central location for CyanogenMod specific settings, instead of cluttering the AOSP Settings app.

To add a item to a category you need to modify the src/com/cyanogenmod/settings/lists/.java file. This file contains a list of items that should be in the list, along with the Activity it launches. Formart shoud look like:

{ "[title string name]", "[summary string name]", "com.cyanogenmod.settings.activities.", "", "[0,1,2]" }

For Title, and Summary you want to use the Resource Identifier name, as it is replaced in the Adapter with the correct localized string.

0 = Header 1 = Normal 2 = Switch

If you choose switch you will need to make a switch class inside of the "switches" folder, and then modify to add the class in the appropriate places, please look at "mWidgetSwitch" and "PowerWidgetSwitch" for examples of how to create this.

For your Preference activities this should be made the same way as normal, preferbally use fragments where preferencescreens use to be used. You can see for a good way to keep everything contained in a single file for cleanliness.