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Saudi Arabia

Starting in 2018 Saudi Arabia (SA) will introduce VAT Tax.


The SA Tax Authority requires accounting software to meet certain requirements. There is a set specifications for the required output:

  • VAT report format Summary information relative to the period, with amount of tax due and recoverable.
  • Invoice accepted format.

Feasibility of conforming with the requirements

Banana Accounting is a Universal Accounting software extremely versatile and already used in more the 120 countries. Thanks to the agile development provided by BananaApps it is possible application for specific reporting, in print or file. We have already developed many solutions, for Austria, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and othe countries.

Based on a first evaluation of the documents provided by the UAE FAT it should be possible to develop a BananaApps with the necessary functionality required by the UAE FTA.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In collaboration with users we would like to create an BananaApp for UAE. This development should then become the base for an evaluation from the FTA.

  • Specifications

    • BananaApps, Open source based development method.
    • Based on Banana Accounting 9 (
    • Rpository available on github
  • Verify the requirements .

  • Developments

    • Create template Accounting file for SA Small company
      • Use a very simplified account structure
      • Income and Expenses Accounting
      • Double entry Accounting
      • Multi currency Accounting
      • VAT Table with all the Codes necessary for complying with the VAT report
    • Create a BananaApps with VAT Report

Reference documentation

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