An editor for the SNES game, Super Mario Kart.
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SMK Editor

SMK Editor

This vision for this project is to create an editing suite for the SNES version of Super Mario Kart. The project is currently in it's infancy and the main groundwork is still yet to be completed. The secondary purpose of this project is gain a thorough understanding of development on Mac OSX.


In order to use this application, you'll need a ROM image & due to legal issues, I cannot package the application with the necessary ROM image(s) on GitHub. You can download a ROM here but you must note the legal issues.

The current version depends on an SMC headered European ROM image. There are plans to support all ROM versions after the 1st milestone release of the application.


There are no library dependencies as of yet.


There presently is no documentation. Plans are to package user documentation within the application and to generate programmer documentation using Apple Doc.

SMK Editor by Banana Iguana.