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Using the Banano Reddit TipBot

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Banano Reddit TipBot

The Reddit TipBot is a service to tip BANANO to other Redditors. The tipbot operates under the username /u/banano_tipbot and will respond to messages within reddit comments across all subreddits as well as private messages (not Reddit chat).

Terms of Service

By using the Banano Reddit TipBot you agree to the Terms of Service as well as the following:

  • You will not beg for BANANO, the tipbot is intended for rewarding quality content and official distribution. Begging, spamming, or other undesirable behavior will result in a ban from the r/banano subreddit as well as having your BOT account disabled.
  • You will follow the rules of other Reddit communities and respect their rules and moderators. Violating rules of other subreddits with the tipbot will result in a ban (bad kind) from r/banano subreddit as well as having your TipBot account permanently deactivated.

Getting Started with u/banano_tipbot

  1. Create an account. An account can be created in 2 ways.
    • Receiving a tip. If you receive a tip, an account will be created for you automatically and no further action is required.
    • Messaging the bot the create command. Private messaging the bot create will create an account for you with a new ban_ address where you can fund your tipbot balance. Click HERE to create a new account with u/banano_tipbot.

How to Tip and Tracked vs Untracked/Unfriendly Subreddits

By default, the bot will only monitor subreddits that want it to.

  1. In a tracked subreddit you can tip any comment by replying to it with !ban 1 where 1 represents the amount of BANANO to tip (1 BANANO in this example). The tip has to either be the first or the last thing that appears in your message.
  2. In an untracked subreddit you can tip any comment by mentioning the bot, such is /u/banano_tipbot 1. The same rules apply as tracked subreddits, but the bot will only send private messages to both the tipper and receiver, rather than posting publicly.

View and Update Tracked Subreddits

Anybody can message the bot the subreddit command to view a list of tracked subreddits. These are subreddits where you can use !ban instead of /u/banano_tipbot in order to send tips.

You can also message the bot subreddit subreddit_name for information about a specific subreddit.

I'm a Moderator and I Want My Subreddit to be Tracked

If you are a moderator, you can message the bot the following commands:

  • subreddit my_subreddit_name activate to activate the bot fully on your subreddit.
  • subreddit my_subreddit_name deactivate to deactivate the bot on your subreddit
  • subreddit my_subreddit_name minimum 10 to change the minimum tip required on your subreddit (in the example that would mean only tips of 10 BAN or greater can be sent)
  • subreddit my_subreddit_name activate full/minimum/silent You can execute the activate command with full, minimum, or silent in order to change the status of your subreddit - minimum will mean the bot sends smaller replies publicly, silent means the bot will not post publicly in your subreddit, it will DM users.

How to Withdraw BANANO From the Bot

You can withdraw by private messaging the bot either of the following

  • send 1 ban_3jb1fp4diu79wggp7e171jdpxp95auji4moste6gmc55pptwerfjqu48okse to withdraw 1 BANANO to ban_3jb1fp4diu79wggp7e171jdpxp95auji4moste6gmc55pptwerfjqu48okse
  • send all ban_3jb1fp4diu79wggp7e171jdpxp95auji4moste6gmc55pptwerfjqu48okse to withdraw your entire balance to ban_3jb1fp4diu79wggp7e171jdpxp95auji4moste6gmc55pptwerfjqu48okse

I don't want the bot to message me!

  • You can opt-out of receiving tips by sending the bot the opt-out command
  • If you change your mind, you can opt back in by sending the bot the opt-in command

Anything else?

Send the bot the help command for a full list of commands and functions.