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Sencha Architect MVC Example with Bancha
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MVC Example App with Bancha

This project is show casing the usage of Bancha in Sencha Architect 3 by creating a blog application. It will demonstrate how to use Bancha in an Ext JS MVC, and how to use Authentication.

For more information go to our article how to use Sencha Architect 3


Since Sencha Architect changes a lot from release to release, here are different branches:

How to setup the project

  1. Download CakePHP latest
  2. Download this project inside /app
  3. Configure your app/Config/database.php
  4. Add the tables from app/Config/schema/testdata.sql to your database
  5. Replace with your local domain in app/sencha-architect/.sencha/app/sencha.cfg, line 16
  6. Open /bancha/setup-check.html to see if everything works.


You can login with three different authorization levels, use the name both for username and password

  • admin: roland
  • moderator: joe
  • user: martin

Futher development

The User Management is a basic example, a full application should handle expired sessions, registration, etc.

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