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BandChain - Decentralized Data Delivery Network

This repository is a monorepo containing the reference implementation of BandChain and its various supporting tools. See below for the breakdown and explanation of each module. README for each of the modules.

Table of Contents

Module Description
chain 🔗 BandChain blockchain reference implementation
bridges 📡 Lite client bridges on other smart contract platforms
lambda 👷‍♂️ AWS Lambda package for running data source executables
go-owasm 🐀 Go library for executing oracle scripts with Wasmer
helpers 🔪 Client-side utility libraries
obi 📦 Oracle binary encoding implementations
owasm 🔮 WebAssembly library for writing oracle scripts
scan 🔍 Web interface to explore D3N network

Running with Docker

There are 2 ways to run bandchain

Run on 4 validators

./chain/docker-config/ && docker-compose up multi-validator

Run 1 validator (for development)

./chain/docker-config/single-validator/ && docker-compose up single-validator

(Optional) Run Owasm Studio

docker-compose up <single or multi> owasm-studio

Tear down

docker-compose down -v

Running a Validator Node

📚 Guide to Becoming a Validator

License & Contributing

All modules are licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License unless otherwise specified in the LICENSE file at module's root.

We highly encourage participation from the community to help with D3N development. If you are interested in developing with D3N or have suggestion for protocol improvements, please open an issue, submit a pull request, or drop as a line.