Transport Layer Security library for KolibriOS
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Google Summer of Code 2016

Project: Development of TLS library for KolibriOS
Organization: KolibriOS
Mentors: Jeffrey Amelynck,Pathoswithin
Student: Denis Karpenko
University: National Research University Higher School of Economics


There is a tiny TLS 1.2 Library. It supports only one cipher suit TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256(strong cipher). According to specification it is enough for correct TLS connection.

What was actually done

What's left to do

  • TEST!!! Main part was not enough tested
  • TLS handshake. Make convinient function
  • It is not completed library now. I need to make real library from application and library parts :)

Known Issues

  • Encryption premaster key sometimes is wrong
  • Application was not tested on chain of certificates

Plans for the future

  • Optimize some parts of code
  • Add more cipher suits
  • Write wiki page about library
  • Add extenstions
  • Maintain library (TLS 1.3 is coming:))