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Csharp Click To Call

This application is outdated, but will be updated soon!

Demo for Catapult

Sip App is simple application for calls SIP <-> other phone numbers.


  • Use Catapult SDK
  • Making calls to SIP account,
  • Redirecting outgoing calls from sip account to another number
  • Redirecting incoming calls to sip account
  • Creating a Catapult application, domain, endpoint,
  • Reserving phone numbers


Build and Deploy

Azure One Click

Settings Required To Run

  • Catapult User Id
  • Catapult Api Token
  • Catapult Api Secret

Deploy to Azure


Clone the repository

git clone

Open solution file in Visual Studio and make "Rebuid all"

Fill app settings in Web.config (they are started from ENTER_XXX_HERE)

Click right button on project "SipApp" in Visual Studio and select menu item "Publish"

Select target "Microsoft Azure Website", sign in on Azure (if need).

Press button "New" to create new site on azure.

Fill site's options and press button "Create".

Press "Publish" to deploy this app to created site.

After publishing browser with site will be started. Please check if it shows text "This app is ready to use"


Open site in web browser and follow to instructions on the start page. First loading of start page can require a lot of time (it will create an application, a domain, an endpoint, 2 phone numbers).