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Shows Phone Numbers in catapult by application
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C Sharp Iris Numbers App

Connects to IRIS Account to show phone numbers per location and move them between locations of same sub-account.


  • Use IRIS SDK
  • List of subaccounts (sites)
  • List of subaccount's locations (sip peers)
  • List of location's phone numbers
  • Move numbers to another location.


Build and deploy

Azure One Click

Settings Required To Run

  • Account Id
  • User name
  • Password

Deploy to Azure


Clone the repository

git clone

Open solution file in Visual Studio and make "Rebuild all"

Fill section appSettings of Web.config with right values.

Now you can run and/or publish this app.

Deploy to Azure

  • Click right button on project "NumbersApp" in Visual Studio and select menu item "Publish"

Select target "Microsoft Azure Website", sign in on Azure (if need).

Press button "New" to create new site on azure.

Fill site's options and press button "Create".

Press "Publish" to deploy this app to created site.

After publishing browser with site will be started.


Open site in web browser and select user's subaccount and location to see phone numbers list. Select 1 or more numbers to move them to another location.

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