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Sample application using C# to send and receive Bandwidth text messages
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This application is outdated, but will be updated soon!


Before run it fill config file (Web.config) with right values:

apiToken and apiSecret - auth data for MMP requests to create an user, an extension, etc,

partner, domain, context - values of MMP path where new user and its data will be created (account with given apiToken and apiSecret should have permissions to work with this partner, this domain and this context),

baseMmpUrl - base url for MMP requests, catapultUserId, catapultApiToken, catapultApiSecret - auth data for Catapult API (to search and reserve a phone number, etc)

Open solution file in Visual Studio and build it.

You can run compiled C# code with IIS Express on local machine if you have ability to handle external requests or use any external hosting.

Deploy on Azure

Open solution in Visual Studio. Click right button on this project in solution explorer and select "Publish". Select "Microsoft Azure Websites" in opened dialog, then sign in on Azure and select exisitng website to deploy this project or create new (button "New"). If you create new site enter site name, select subscription and region. Database is not required. Change site profile options if need and press "Publish" to upload it on Azure. Now you can open it in the browser.

Http routes

GET / with redirect to /users
GET /users with HTML response (user's ui)
POST /users {"userName": "" }  with response  {"userName": "", "phoneNumber": "", "uuid": "", "tokens": [{"token": "", "secret": "", "createdAt": ""}]}  to register an user
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