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SMS with Delivery Receipt

Simple Servlet for handling SMS and Delivery Receipt event using the Bandwidth Java SDK.

Getting started

You need to have

- Git
- Java Runtime Edition 1.7
- Bandwidth Application Platform account and allocated number
- Heroku account and installed Heroku Toolbelt
- ngrok tool for local tests
- Maven 3


Clone the repository

git clone
cd java-bandwidth-sms-dlr-example

Setup the client SDK environment with your Catapult credentials:

export BANDWIDTH_USER_ID=<your-user-id>
export BANDWIDTH_API_TOKEN=<your-token>
export BANDWIDTH_API_SECRET=<your-secret>
export ALLOCATED_NUMBER=<your-allocated-number>

Initialize git

git init
git add .
git commit -m "My sms with dlr app"

Deploying to Heroku

Create a new Heroku application:

heroku apps:create
> Created http://<your-app> |<your-app>.git

You may also see:
> Git remote heroku added

This means a git remote called Heroku was automatically added to your git repository. If so you may skip the next step.

Add remote git repository

git remote add heroku<your-app>.git

Setup the Heroku environment variables:

Bandwidth credentials:

heroku config:set BANDWIDTH_API_ENDPOINT=$BANDWIDTH_API_ENDPOINT --app <your-app-name>
heroku config:set BANDWIDTH_API_VERSION=$BANDWIDTH_API_VERSION --app <your-app-name>
heroku config:set BANDWIDTH_USER_ID=$BANDWIDTH_USER_ID --app <your-app-name>
heroku config:set BANDWIDTH_API_TOKEN=$BANDWIDTH_API_TOKEN --app <your-app-name>
heroku config:set BANDWIDTH_API_SECRET=$BANDWIDTH_API_SECRET --app <your-app-name>

Web application settings:

heroku config:set ALLOCATED_NUMBER=$ALLOCATED_NUMBER --app <your-app-name>

Push code to Heroku:

git push heroku master

Add a web dyno

heroku ps:scale web=1

Make sure that all went well:

heroku logs -t


Send an SMS with DLR:

<your-browser-choice> http://<your-app><your-to-number>

It will:

  1. Create a SMS from $ALLOCATED_NUMBER to the number specified on toNumber query parameter.
  2. Show on browser the Message sent with all attributes.
  3. Show on browser the Sent event captured via callback.
  4. Show on browser the Delivery Receipt event captured via callback.

Local Setup

Installing ngrok tool (For local tests):

Download ngrok.

unzip /path/to/
./ngrok http 8080

The ngrok will create a Forwarding DNS to your localhost. You will need the DNS to setup on environment variable.

Initiate the application

mvn jetty:run

Send an SMS with DLR:

<your-browser-choice> http://<ngrok-forwarding-dns>/demo/receipt?toNumber=<your-to-number>