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How to Submit a Pull Request

  • Search through Bandwidth's open and closed pull request to ensure you are not submitting something that has already been submitted.
  • Make all necessary changes in a new git branch:
    git checkout -b new-fixed-branch
  • Make all necessary changes to the code
  • Test your changes before committing the code
  • Add the changes to be committed
    git add
  • Commit the changes you have made with a descriptive commit message
    git commit -m "add description here"
  • Push your changes to Github
    git push
  • Open a pull request in Github

If we ask you to make any necessary changes:

  • Make the required changes on your branch
  • Test the changes to make sure the code works
  • Add and commit the changes
  • Push your changes to Github. This will automatically update the pull request.

After the your branch has been merged, please delete your branch.